School Inspection

CRA 1-4

As I’ve never had the pleasure of conducting a modern review of a school, I can only assume that the process is much more detailed now.  We have standardized tests to examine student achievement, teams of custodians to monitor school cleanliness, and multitudes of systems (e.g., electrical, plumbing, HVAC) to maintain.

In 1895, the inspector visited a school in North Marysburgh and determined: the floors were a little dirty, the school needed a map, and the closets needed attention.  The rest was satisfactory.

The cost for a map was $3.75.

It’s difficult to believe that a school inspection was that easy (and a large wall map was that inexpensive).


English Grammar High School Entrance Exam

QEMA 1-3

Although the material is a little blurry, this document is a High School Entrance Examination in English Grammar (1924).  The column on the left indicates the marks awarded for each correct answer and the column on the right provides the student with questions to answer.

Here’s a clear version of the first question:

Question 1 (Each part is worth ten marks – 2×5)

When the husband returned at noon, he threw the skin of a wolf, still quite warm, at the feet of his wife, who enquired whether he had seen any of the herd of deer which had passed the cabin on the previous day.  Although he had evidently heard her question, he made no reply but, turning again to the door, disappeared into the forest.

  • (a) Write in full the subordinate clauses in the above extract, and give the kind and the the relation of each.
  • (b) Write the adverb phrases, and state what each phrase modifies.
  • (c) Give the part of speech and the relation of each italicized word.

How would you have fared on this question?