A New Visitor

The Victoria Schoolhouse has a new family visiting this year.  A duck, and her eggs, have camped outside our 1904 schoolhouse and interpretive centre.  We’re assuming they want to be first in line when we open for the season.  If you’re in the Ameliasburgh area, please be careful around our family.  We want to ensure they’re happy and healthy.

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How would you have voted?

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Many of us forget about the temperance movement in Canada.  Cleary the Ontario Referendum Committee had an opinion on the subject.


Christmas in the Village

The Victoria Schoolhouse was packed with visitors creating Santa stars!  A great Christmas in the Village celebration!

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How much has a timetable changed?

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Scanning through this timetable from 1957, it appears as though there are a lot of similarities in a student’s day.  A major difference was the inspection of hands and nails in the morning.  It seems odd that a teacher would have to ensure student cleanliness.


Cleaning the Schoolhouse

In 1888, custodians made $2.00 (or so this receipt tells us).  What was the time span of the wage?  Was the cleaning person paid two-dollars a week, a month, or every other week?

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Admission to High School

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There once was a time when you had to pass an exam to get into high school!


It’s time to return to school!

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As the summer draws to a close, we get ready to go back to school.  This poster advertises school at the Picton Academies and shows all of the important information.   


Some Things Never Change!

A modern public school educator must adhere to the approved reading list.  In 1882, the rules were the same!

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Sign Your Contract

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Teachers had to sign contracts.  This Picton Public School Board contract outlines the rights and responsibilities of the teacher.  Have a look!